Gift-giving is a tradition associated with the Christmas holidays. People enjoy giving and receiving gifts from family and friends. Gift boxes or gift baskets are welcome gifts because they contain an assortment of items with a specific theme. Companies like Not Just Baskets offer a variety of packages, which range from cold cuts, wine and cheese, toiletries, teas and coffee, and many more combinations.

If you are not sure which basket option to get, here are a few gift suggestions to make your planning and shopping easier:

The foodie

Food is one of the most common gifts given during the holidays. In the olden days, whatever is cooked or baked in the kitchen is shared with friends and neighbors to celebrate the season. For the food enthusiast, gift baskets can include cookies, scones, crinkles and other baked goods. There is also the cold cuts and cheese combination. Another option is to include dried pasta and assortment of sauces and condiments for a hearty meal.

The gentleman

It has been said that men are the most difficult group to give gifts to. Fortunately, gift baskets for male friends or co-workers range from tools, gadgets, toiletries and reading materials. Interestingly, men also appreciate good wine and cheese or a bottle of hard liquor and cigars. The important rule when giving gifts is to put yourself in the mindset of the person you are giving gifts to.

The sweet tooth

Pastries, chocolates, and an assortment of candies never fail to put a smile on people’s faces. The gift basket for this group of people can range from well-loved childhood treats to fancy, liquor-filled luxury brands.

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Gift-giving does not have to be a chore and something that you dread doing come the holidays. Shopping ahead and ordering gift baskets eliminates most of the hard work and leaves you more time to enjoy the company of the people nearest and dearest to you.