Volunteers giving out donationsThe fashion world has become a source of luxury for some people, who see clothing as no longer just a necessity but as an indulgence and indicator of social status. With this, some companies and organizations gave birth to philanthropic fashion brands that give part of their profits to different causes; e.g., environmental conservation, marginalized community, cancer patients, among others.

Now, more and more shoppers opt to buy from these philanthropic fashion brands. Here are some of their reasons:

The act of giving

Giving money or resources to a cause we are passionate about, or just helping other people in general, makes us feel happy. Several studies have shown that helping others makes people’s lives not only happier but also wealthier and more meaningful. It is in this context that people find joy in shopping clothes from brands that donate a part of their money to a charity, for instance.

Better quality

Some high-fashion clothes on the market only have to rely on their big names, and shoppers will immediately buy their products, sometimes not thinking about if the cost is parallel to the quality of the clothes. Philanthropic brands, on the other hand, ensure the quality of their products all the time.

Environmental conservation

Majority of the clothes that people no longer wear are either brought overseas or dumped in different landfills. Every year, U.S. sends away about a billion pounds of clothing. With philanthropic fashion brands, most of the items they sell have better quality, so they are less likely to deteriorate. In addition, some brands also choose to donate parts of their proceeds to organizations dedicated to preserving the environment.

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People have different reasons for buying clothes in philanthropic brands. Whatever these reasons are, it is safe to say that they would make a huge change in the world.