Man fishing on a boatA man from Florence, Wisconsin, set a new record in Michigan for catching a 6.36-pound and 21.8-inch cisco in June, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Michael Lemanski caught the lake herring on June 9 on Lake Ottawa in the state’s Iron County. Gary Whelan, DNR fisheries research manager, said that they were only able to verify the caught fish in October.

State Record

Whelan attributed the cause of delay due to the cisco’s resemblance to the lake whitefish. The DNR wanted to be sure that Lemanski did not catch a hybrid between the two kinds of fish, which is why it took months for them and the Michigan State University to confirm if it was a new state record.

The previous record for a caught cisco dates back to 1992 when a 5.4-pound and 25-inch cisco was taken out from the Grand Traverse Bay. For those who attempt to break the record, they will have the chance to do so by the next fishing season in Michigan, which normally begins in April.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Before you plan to set out on your next fishing trip, be sure to have a valid license and the right equipment. Some fishing stores here in Michigan are among the best dealerships in the country. You will not only help local businesses but also contribute to job growth.

The DNR said that sportfishing supports almost 38,000 jobs and generate $623 million in tax revenues. The state’s economy also benefits as it provides $4.4 billion in economic activity.


If more anglers grab their fishing rods and set out on a boat trip, it may not be long until Michigan announces a new state record for a caught cisco. Whether or not you plan to break the current record, fishing can also teach you a thing or two about patience.

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