Pregnancy is perhaps the most precious moment in a woman’s life. Knowing that there is life growing in the womb is something that is beyond compare. Changes are happening both outside and inside the womb that never fails to surprise. If there’s a baby on the way, here are some changes you could expect at every stage of pregnancy.

First Trimester

Not all pregnant women experience morning sickness. But if you are one of those who do, then expect to feel nauseous every morning and even at different times of the day. This is due to increased level of estrogen during pregnancy, which slows down the stomach’s movement. Vomiting sometimes accompanies nausea during pregnancy. This is common during the early stages of pregnancy and would usually go away on its own.

You will find yourself emotional several times during the first trimester. Mood swings happen because of the increased levels of hormones in your body in the first three months of pregnancy.

In as early as two weeks of pregnancy, you will begin to feel changes in your breasts. They may become sensitive, tingly, and/or swollen.

Second Trimester

During the second trimester, you may feel that you have doubled in size. Partly true because your baby is growing and you are gaining pregnancy pounds. You might need to get bigger clothes to be able to move comfortably.

Your feet will grow bigger. Sooner or later, your ankles and legs will follow. This is because of fluid buildup at the lower part of your body (legs, ankles, and feet) known as edema.

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Leg cramps will start to bother you during this semester. Cramping happens because of the excess body weight your legs and feet carry during pregnancy, and also possibly due to edema.

Third Trimester

Your feet, ankles, and legs are obviously bigger now. Leg cramps are still on the scene, but they are not the main reason why it’s difficult to get a good night sleep.

Your belly is also bigger now and is even topped with a protruding navel. You may see stretch marks around your belly and breasts, which are due to extreme growth of the skin. And because your belly is obviously bigger at this time, you’d feel heavier, too.

The baby will come out soon that you’ll be seeing a Revere Health pregnancy doctor in Provo more and more often. You are busy packing the things you’ll need, and you just can’t stop that you’ll do it again later. You’ll find joy in doing that until the big day comes.

Pregnancy is indeed a wonderful experience. So instead of worrying about the changes, just enjoy every moment of it.