Money Magazine’s recent survey showed that women would spend an estimated $20,600 on beauty products during their lifetime, while those who keenly follow trends may likely spend more money.

That amount includes $5,200 on mascara alone. Social media and YouTube predominantly drive more women to purchase the latest set of “must-have” cosmetic products.

Price of Beauty

Facebook page Makeup Obsessives has helped in people in New Zealand catch up on new product offerings, according to founder Kirsty Leigh. The reason behind the popularity of social media and YouTube involves “real people” advertising products on a more personal level, Leigh said.

The arrival of Australia beauty retailer Mecca Maxima also helped significantly in providing more branded items in New Zealand, she added. In the past five years, Kiwi women now have more choices for buying cosmetic items aside from department stores and pharmacies. The pace of growth has taken place at the same time that more men have also spent time on improving their appearance, by going to hairdressers in Tauranga and other hair salons.

Male Customers

Some businesses have noticed that their male clientele suddenly boomed to almost 20 per cent of their business, from just zero in the last 10 years. First-timers seem shy when they make an appointment, due to the social perception that only women patronise such services.

Some of the most popular services among men include a full back wax, brow shaping, manicures and massages. While more men have jumped on the beauty bandwagon, their motivation for doing so differs from women, according to University of Otago marketing professor Lisa McNeill. Men tend to be inspired by achieving the same look that they see on visual ads, as opposed to women negatively comparing themselves, McNeill said.

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Women account for a majority of the business of the beauty industry, yet men are starting to catch up as they have become keener on maintaining a good appearance.