Outdoor adventures are essential for some families to keep their bonds intact. You can set up tents, build bonfires and go camping in the woods. If you’d like to introduce your kids to life on the water, there are many pontoon boats for sale in Michigan. You can take them for a sunset cruise or a morning fishing trip. There are tons of things to do outdoors that will free the kids from today’s gadget-infested era.

Here are some awesome ideas you can incorporate into your yearly family outdoor adventure.

Do some peaceful yoga and meditation in the heart of nature

Let your kids bring their favorite blanket on one of your beach or camping trips. Teach them how to sit in silence and mindfulness for a few minutes to soothe their minds and bodies.

Make dandelion wishes

If you pass by some fields in one of your travels, take time to look for seed heads and tell your kids to make a wish before blowing them out into the fresh air.

Create a campsite in your backyard

Set up that tent with pillows and blankets and read bedtime stories under the moonlight, all in the comfort of your yard.

Make your shell art and accessories

Walk down the shores to collect shells of different shells and sizes. When you come home, glue some shells on a picture frame or create a shell necklace by tying thin twine onto a nicely shaped shell.

Set up a flower painting gallery around the house

Pick different kinds of spent blooms, dip them in paint or watercolor and use them like you would a paintbrush. Hang your kids’ artwork on a clothesline around the house to make your perfect summer gallery.

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There’s no better way to spend quality time with family than to take everyone outdoors. Showing your children the beauty of nature will teach them to appreciate it and to take care of it too.