Are you tired and bored of fishing from the dock or near the shore? Are you looking for new and exciting ways to get a decent catch? It might be time to consider buying or renting a boat in Key Largo. Today, Sand Dollar Boat Rentals will discuss six different types of fishing boats and how to use them.

Jon Fishing Boats

These fishing boats are very easy to drive, and most of them are made of wood or aluminum. They are usually flat or square and come with pointed bows, which make Jon fishing boats perfect for fishing on calm and flat surfaces.

Inshore Fishing Boats

If you are a beginner at fishing, then you will find it easier to use the Inshore fishing boat. These usually come with an affordable price tag, and you can transport one easily.

Pontoon Fishing Boats

If for some reason you need more seating space in your boat, then go ahead and buy or rent a Pontoon fishing boat. The seats are there to help keep the boat afloat and balanced. Pontoons are also known for being cost-effective and easy to store. If you usually go fishing with minimal gear and you want some extra space to sit on, then go ahead and get this one.

Offshore Fishing Boats

Offshore fishing boats are for the more experienced and thrill-seeking fishermen. These boats are usually used to withstand huge waves and harsh types of weather. These can be pretty costly though, so make sure to think twice before deciding on getting one.

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Sport Fishing Boats

These types are usually engine-operated and for when the fishing spot is far from the dock or the shore. Sport fishing boats usually have with blade propellers. On the other hand, you can use jet fishing boats in shallow waters, and they have water propulsion engines.

Drift Fishing Boats

Most use these in active waters such as rivers and lakes. It is similar to a canoe but with a larger space. Manufacturers often make drift fishing boats with wood, aluminum, or fiberglass.

If you need more reference about renting or buying a boat, then go ahead and scour the internet. There are lots of tips out there!