Dental implants have proved themselves to be one of the most reliable and durable treatments for tooth loss available today. This is because implants work with the body’s natural functions to create a secure and durable replacement tooth.

When considering implants, it’s important for patients to research the different options. Dr Joe Bhat is one of the UK’s leading dentists for dental implants. Over 300 dental practices in the UK refer to him for the complex procedures that can be a part of dental implant surgery.

As dental implants could last a person a lifetime it’s important that they are fitted correctlyby a qualified implantsurgeon.

Joe Bhat’s expertise

Joe Bhat’s practice has been focused on dental implants for over 16 years. This shows his dedication to his field of expertise. He has placed over 5,500 implants in his career.

Dental Implant Treatment Journey

The patient’s journey starts with an initial consultation where full treatment details can be discussed and any questions the patient has about the treatment, including costs and recovery time, can be answered by Joe Bhat.

If the patient is happy to go ahead with treatment, the planning stage is next. This involves exams, scans and the use of modern 3D imaging technology to determine how best to apply the implants.

Any number of missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants, from a single gap in the smile to all of the teeth. Implants can also be used to fix dentures in place, bringing a whole new realm of practicality and usability to dentures.

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Dental Implant Surgery

To secure the implant itself, a small surgical procedure needs to take place. During this procedure a hole is created in the patient’s jawbone and the implant screwed in. The aim is for the implant to have as much contact with the bone as possible, this way the bone has the chance to integrate with the implant and form a stable foundation for the tooth replacement.

A single crown or a bridge that makes up several replacement teeth can be supported by a single implant. All the patient needs to do to look after their implant is stick to a regular oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing.