Do you remember when matching everything in your outfit was the in-thing? Well, thanks to accessorizing, times have changed, and anyone can now pull a stunning appearance by adding a few accessories to their outfit.

Here are four ways to look stylish at will.

Choose the ideal jewelry

Few things have the magic to transform the overall appearance of an outfit like jewelry does. There are so many beautiful pieces of custom jewelry in Salt Lake City, Utah to choose from, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, studs, and anklets.

The idea is to pick pieces that add value to the overall appearance of your outfit. Make sure that the jewelry complements your body size and skin tone too.

Wear comfortable shoes

Your shoes should certainly be trendy, but it’s equally important that they fit you well and feel comfortable while you’re walking. Keep in mind that a great appearance must go hand in hand with a great feeling too.

So ditch those three-inch heels that make you walk with caution throughout the evening, and opt for more comfortable blocked heels instead.

Avoid yielding to the matchy doctrine

The handbag needs to match the shoes, right? Not necessarily. Go for a fresh, modern look by opting for a signature color for the handbag and choosing a different color for the shoes. You could pick a bright colored clutch, for instance, and wear black shoes. Heads will turn, to be sure.

Naked wrists are a no-no

Don’t leave your house without a piece of jewelry on your wrists. You could wear a set of multiple bracelets to make a statement about your fashion taste. Most jewelry stores sell these bracelets together, but you can still go through your jewelry box and choose pieces that you feel will go together.

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You don’t to be a fashion guru to look great every time you go out. It’s all about mastering a few tips on how to accessorize your outfits.