Circuit breakers are an improvement from fuses; the latter needs replacement after breaking the circuit. The more advanced devices can break the circuit several times without replacement. But circuit breakers can malfunction after continued usage, which means you’ll need a new set.

Below are some critical indications that mean installation of a new circuit breaker.

Burning Odor in the Breaker Panel

If you detect a burning odor emanating from your panel, it could mean that your insulation or wires are overheated. This is an indication of a failed circuit breaker in protecting your home from an electrical short.

A short can lead to drawing up of excessive power through the cord, making it overheat and subsequently causing a fire. So you should cut off the main power line immediately after detecting the unusual odor. Then contact a licensed electrician from reliable Salt Lake City service to replace the breaker and the affected wires.

Breakers Constantly Tripping

In the event of an electrical fault in your home, the circuit breaker will trip to cut off the power for that particular line. If the breakers trip every time you switch on an appliance, it could mean deterioration. There is nothing more annoying than the distraction of constantly reducing and increasing the strength of lighting, which is especially true during the night. This problem calls for a new circuit breaker.

Circuit Breakers Keep Resetting

If you reset a circuit breaker and it trips after a short period, chances are that your panel is faulty. This problem also manifests through inconsistent appliances, such a stove that never appears to achieve the appropriate temperature or a dryer that shuts off mid cycle. You need to hire an electrician to inspect the circuit breaker panel and correct any other damage that might have occurred to the wiring.

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Efficient circuit breakers help in preventing damage from occurring in your home and its appliances. Failing to replace breakers after they become faulty will only escalate the damage and make your life more stressful. More importantly, major electrical issues require the attention of professionals to prevent electrocution and to avoid further damage.