There’s no question that modern life would be unimaginable without electricity. One can hardly mention convenience, efficiency, or comfort without including electricity in the same sentence. And yet, electricity is often the cause of many deadly injuries caused by the negligence of some homeowners. Could it be that you’re ignoring any of the following potentially destructive electrical faults at your home?

Your lights are flickering

Most homeowners who notice a flickering light tend to ignore it, assuming that it’s probably just a bulb that needs to be replaced or tightened up. Well, they’re often right. Sometimes, however, flickering is usually an indication of underlying electrical problems. A competent electrical repair service contractor in Salt Lake City should be able to determine what exactly the issue is and fix it immediately.

Sparks are shooting out of the outlets

It’s highly likely that you’ve noticed sparks coming out of your electrical outlets when plugging or unplugging an appliance. While you may have been lucky enough not to have experienced injuries or damages, you should never assume that it’s a normal occurrence. Sparks are a clear indication that there’s a fault with the electrical system. Failing to fix the problem increases chances of an electrical fire.

There are suspicious marks on your plugs

Sure, you bought the best plug in the market and it has served you faithfully so far. Except you’re now starting to notice black marks every time you unplug something. There appear to be signs of melting plastic, so something is certainly wrong with that. Stop using the outlet immediately and call an electrician soon. Do it right away, though. When left unrepaired, that outlet could be the cause of a destructive electrical fire.

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The last thing that you want is to let what seems to be a small electric fault become something big and could cost your entire home or the safety of your loved ones. Never ignore any telltale sign that your electrical system is calling for attention.