A hairdresser’s most precious tools are the scissors. These should be high-quality shears so you could give your clients the design and cut they want. But like all equipment, your shears need proper care and maintenance. Here are some of the ways many expert hairstylists care for their hairstyling scissors.


Sharp scissors make your cuts look effortless and neat. In most cases, sharpening your hairstyling scissors is necessary every three months. But if you use your scissors often, you could use aluminium or tin foil to sharpen them. Simply fold the foil several times to make it thick. Cut through the foil horizontally; do it several times until your shears are sharp. You could also have your scissors sharpened by reputable and experienced professionals.


You should clean and disinfect your scissors after every cut to get rid of chemicals, moisture and hair. Use a clean soft cloth to wipe off dirt from the blades. You could also use alcohol to clean any unwanted residue from your scissors.


Oiling scissors is an essential aspect of maintenance. It protects the scissors from absorbing moisture so they can remain smooth. It also keeps the pivot area well lubricated. Apply scissor oil on the blades and pivot area regularly.


Whenever your scissors feel too loose or too tight, you should adjust them. Turn the screw in the appropriate direction until the scissors are appropriately aligned. How tight or loose they depend on your personal preference. Make sure that the fit allows you to hold them with ease and manipulate them effortlessly when working.

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Finally, you should store your equipment correctly. When not in use put the scissors in a safe place. Store them in a case or stand where they are not exposed to moisture and dirt.

A great hairstylist is only as great as his tool, so make sure your hairstyling equipment is in good condition to make your clients see your skill in giving them the hairstyle they want.