In an industry that’s so lucrative, it’s shocking to learn that many resorts struggle to survive. Could it be that they are finding it difficult to attract tourists to their resorts?

If you are among those resort owners who find it difficult to grow their business, these tips will help you turn things around:

Pay attention to aesthetics

No one wants to patronize a hotel that looks like it has been neglected for the last decade. recommends giving your building a makeover if that’s what it needs. Keep your lawn lush and well maintained. You may also install decorative metal fencing around the property. Investing in tasteful décor and keeping the facility clean should help as well.

Evaluate the management

The reason you’re paying your managers so much is that they have greater responsibilities than the people they’re supervising. If there are problems in the resort, chances are your managers are not doing what they’re supposed to do. Entrust leadership to people with good work ethics and a proven track record in the industry.

Respond to problems promptly

How effective is your front desk? Providing stellar customer service can help you build a good reputation and keep guests coming back. If a guest reports that the lights in their room are not bright enough, then you need to send a maintenance personnel to the room within a few minutes. When you respond to customer issues promptly, you are proving that the guests are your priority.

Treat your guests with respect

There will be some instances when a customer will complain about something. Whether a customer comes to you swearing or not, you should always respond calmly, politely, and respectfully. The goal should always be to resolve the problem quickly and peacefully, so your client stays happy. Excellent customer service is key to success.

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Marketing your resort in a competitive hospitality industry is a complex process, but it is something you can achieve easily if you’re smart enough. All it takes is a few strategic moves to make the occupancy rates soar.