Waxing is among the most effective hair removal methods. It could be the French wax, full bikini, love heart, Hollywood or the renowned Brazilian wax. The one thing you are guaranteed of is a clean job and a few weeks with little to no hair. But how do you take care of yourself post-waxing?

Hisandherswaxing.com says to protect your skin against bacteria and infection, here are a few dos and don’t you should strictly abide by at least two days after waxing.

Do opt for showers instead of baths

However relaxing it may be to sit on the bathtub, it is better to go for a shower after a wax. The showerhead allows water to run through your body and in the process, sweeps off accumulated sweat from the day’s activities, making it less conducive for bacteria to thrive.

Do go for fragrance-free care products

Strong-scented perfume, lotion, deodorant, soap or petroleum jelly contains components that can irritate waxed skin. To keep from getting rashes or redness on the skin, opt for non-scented toiletries for a few days.

Don’t expose your skin to the sun

Waxed areas are sensitive and vulnerable to heat from the sun. Exposing your freshly waxed skin puts you in danger of dangerous UV rays, which can lead to hyperpigmentation. It is advisable to hold off on that beach trip for 48 hours to give time for the waxed parts to heal.

Don’t go to the sauna

The purpose of a sauna is to open pores on the skin using steam. With the top layer of skin having been removed along with the hair during a wax, visiting the sauna could, expose you to bacteria, which could bring about bad odor.

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Waxing should be taken as a process as opposed to a one-time activity. Both you and the waxing professionals have a role to play. Waxing requires before and aftercare in exchange for a rewarding and infection-free experience.