Each year, root canal treatment helps save millions of teeth. However, many people still shy away from endodontic therapy because of stubborn myths about root canals.

Root Canal Treatment Misconceptions

Some people mistakenly believe that root canal treatment is painful. Due to this unfounded fear, they start rationalizing that pulling out a problematic tooth may be better than undergoing endodontic treatment. But is an avoidable extraction in any way better than a root canal? Here are the facts:

1. Natural teeth are better than replacement teeth

Nothing artificial can entirely replace the look and function of your natural tooth. While dental implants, bridges, and dentures are all useful tooth replacement options, none of them feels exactly like a natural tooth. Therefore, when possible, choose to have a root canal in a Napa clinic like vandenburghdentalcosmetics.com instead of having an unnecessary extraction.

2. Extraction can affect the quality of life

Even when no one notices your missing tooth, the lost chopper can adversely affect your oral health. For instance, a missing tooth can cause your other teeth to shift. The shifting can, in turn, affect your ability to chew and even ruin your beautiful smile.

3. Root canal treatment is more cost-effective than extraction

Don’t get your tooth extracted just because you think pulling is less expensive. Replacing the removed teeth with a suitable replacement requires extra dental appointments that add to your dental costs. Also, if extraction leads to teeth shifting, orthodontic treatment may become essential. The additional procedures and time in treatment make extraction more expensive than endodontic treatment.

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There are several valid reasons to try to save infected or damaged teeth. Also, modern technology and anesthetics have ensured that root canals are now virtually painless. Dentists with endodontic training are experts in pain management and can perform root canals quickly and comfortably. Accordingly, when given a choice between pulling a tooth and root canal therapy, always opt for keeping the tooth.