There are good days at work just as there are bad days. The latter is usually triggered by a demanding boss, an annoying colleague, a good deal gone bad, or just you waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

While it’s normal to experience a bad day at work, bad experiences shouldn’t dictate how you’re going to spend the days ahead. If you’re feeling exhausted and looking for a way to turn a dark mood around, here are great ways to de-stress right after punching the clock:

Sing your heart out

Did you know that singing is one of the best ways to relieve stress? According to an article published in Time, singing doesn’t just calm one’s mood; it also energizes an individual because the act releases endorphins. Similar to exercise, it helps prevent loneliness and depression.

So right after work, gather your friends and head to a Korean karaoke bar in Los Angeles where you can belt out your favorite songs to your heart’s content.

Talk to your peers

Sometimes, all you need is someone to talk to. Releasing your emotions, frustrations, and concerns can definitely help heave all the excess baggage and relax your mind. Talking to someone you trust can also help you put things into perspective because you get to hear different opinions from people who care about you. Don’t keep things to yourself after a long day at work, open up!

Head to the gym

When you feel like knocking someone’s lights out, do it in your nearby gym. Exercising or practicing your punches after work can help release any pent-up frustrations. Staying active also releases toxins and cools down the body.

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Finally, learn to accept things you can’t control. There will always be bad days at the office, but working your way around them instead of reacting emotionally is the way to go to be stress-free.