Is it really possible to enjoy a dental treatment? With the right guidance, the answer is yes. Any task with a positive goal in mind can feel productive and satisfying while the work is being done. The same is true of teeth straightening using invisible braces in Harley Street.

The fitting process

When someone has a consultation for invisible braces in Harley Street at a practice like Harley Street Dental Clinic, they will usually get a lot of information from a member of the team regarding the fitting process. The specifics depend on the patient and on the method that they have chosen for their teeth straightening. Invisible braces come in two different forms and each is fitted differently. These are:

  • Fixed – fixed invisible braces are fitted in much the same way as traditional braces. This means that brackets are attached to the teeth with dental cement and wires are inserted through the brackets;
  • Removable – removable aligners do not need to be fitted at all. The dentist takes scans and impressions of the teeth and the results are used to construct a series of aligners. The patient gets given some or all of their aligners along with care and usage instructions but they apply and remove the equipment by themselves.

Wearing invisible braces

Patients may find it easier to enjoy the process of having invisible braces in Harley Street than they would traditional straightening methods. This is because some of the issues that people experience with braces are related to the way that they look. People often find themselves self-conscious about the metal hardware in their mouths. Invisible braces are designed to be sensitive to a person’s appearance. This is achieved with either tooth-coloured brackets and wires that blend in with the smile or using clear, see-through aligners that fit over the teeth.

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The results

Most patients probably don’t need any prompting to enjoy this part of the process. One of the tricks to a positive straightening process is to remember that there is a goal in mind – a beautifully aligned smile. Once the teeth have been moved, the effect should last a lifetime as long as the patient follows their dentist’s guidelines regarding retainers.