When it comes to engagement ring shopping etiquette, bringing your girlfriend to the jewelry store is now more common and acceptable. Gone are the days that the practice is heavily one-sided and male-exclusive.

Here are some of the best benefits of looking for engagement rings for sale in St. Louis as a couple:

It Helps Prevent Bad Choices

First of all, it’s her finger. No matter how well-orchestrated your proposal is, it might not turn out to be romantic when the ring doesn’t fit. Plus, every woman has a particular taste in jewelry; getting the wrong cut, color, clarity, and carat might ruin the excitement with disappointment. But since she can’t easy she doesn’t like your choice, she might not be too proud to show it off to her friends.

At the end of the day, she will be the ring’s ultimate wearer. Your modern girlfriend might want to have a hand in the process to keep you from buying a halo when all she wants is a solitaire.

It Is Empowering for Her

From a feminist point of view, being a part of the ring shopping process can be a big deal for her. Your significant other would feel like a partner and not just a girlfriend who’d gladly take whatever she’s given. Even if she’s vocal about wanting to be surprised, she would appreciate having a say in it.

Besides, she’s probably as knowledgeable as the jewelry store’s staff. Since it’s one of the many things most men are clueless about, you ought to trust her taste and intuition.

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It Keeps Stress to a Minimum

Most importantly, do it for your peace of mind. Planning a romantic proposal is hard enough, and shopping for the perfect engagement ring makes it more stressful. Go window-shopping together to reduce some pressure before you pull the trigger.

Whoever says that shopping for an engagement ring as a couple would ruin the proposal is wrong. With spontaneity, you can still surprise your ring and make her cry when you pop the question even if she personally chooses jewelry.