Every couple and their parents want a wedding to remember. The ceremony binds two people together in hopes of them beating the odds as a married couple, and everyone wishes them well in their shared life.

With hundreds of weddings happening each year, you’ve probably seen way too many of the same thing and want something new for yours. Include these elements for a wedding you’ll be proud of:


What wedding doesn’t have flowers? It’s not just the bouquet and the aisle that should be adorned with florals, however. You can have a backdrop made out of fresh flowers, which your Colorado wedding florist can help you design.

This can match your bouquet or, if you’re opting out of that, your wristlet or flower crown.

Customized Menu

It’s not enough to have the standard drinks and classic dishes on your wedding. Ask your bartender to name a drink after the event, with one or two ingredients that you like.

Your caterer can add a twist to a crowd favorite to honor the wedding day. Taste their samples before the event, so you can tell them how to make it taste just the way you want.

Hashtag of Memories

You have a photo album that will be full of printed copies of your wedding pictures, but you can also have a digital album accessible through the wedding’s hashtag. This makes the event fun and memorable for attendees because they get to post their chosen highlights on their own feed.

Tell everyone the hashtag to use for the wedding, so they will all be contributing to your digital album. Every anniversary, as you look back on how far you’ve come as a couple, you can go through the posts on the hashtag or even add anniversary photos to keep it alive.

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Your wedding does not have to be expensive to be memorable. A few tweaks can already make it something you’ll treasure forever.