bride with wedding plannerIf there is an event in your life that you can splurge on without feeling guilty, then it has to be your wedding day. Yet many couples are confronted by the reality check of looking at their budget and discovering that they cannot have it all.

Do not let that dampen your spirits, though. By splurging on just the right things, you can still make your big day an event to remember for ages. Here are three of those things.

1. A wedding planner

The success of your wedding lies to a great extent on the shoulders of the wedding planner you choose. You do not want to entrust the most special day of your life to the cheapest planner you find online.

Rather, you want to go with one of the most reputable luxury wedding planners in the UK, such as Aimee Dunne Ltd, to help make your event truly memorable. Look for recommendations to find the right person.

2. The wedding dress

It is the one piece everybody will be looking at all night. No, you do not have to remortgage your home, but neither should you look to buy a cheap fabric without enough beading. Dedicate a decent amount of your budget to a truly stunning dress-one that will make you feel like the princess you are.

3. Altar arrangements

The altar is, of course, the focal point of your ceremony. It is the point where you and your loved one are going to exchange vows. Since this is the stage dedicated to the main purpose of the day, you want it to be truly magnificent.

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As such, choose among the most eye-catching arrangements you can find. An elegant floral arch can do wonderfully.

There are several aspects of your wedding that you should feel free to splurge on. By dedicating some extra bucks on these aspects, you can make your event truly feel special, just like you have always imagined it would.