Little girl wearing purple eyeglassesAre you trying to improve your child’s vision? You probably know how difficult persuading your child to keep his/her glasses on can sometimes be. After a successful trip to the optician, here are tips on how to make your child want to keep his or her glasses on as required.

1. Choose cool

Children who wear glasses, part-time or full-time, sometimes get teased because of the way they look wearing them. To make things easy for your child, involve her in picking the eyewear style. Otherwise, choose frames that make him or her “cool.” Conversely, avoid any eyewear brand that seems too costly, inappropriate or objectionable. Features that may inspire your child to want to keep his or her glasses on include photochromic lenses and trendy colours and shapes.

2. Make sure the glasses are comfortable and functional

Your child will resist the eyewear if he/she has to look over the top of his/her glasses or he/she can’t see well with them. Get your child’s prescription right to guarantee clear vision. Also, make sure the frames and lenses fit correctly.

3. Start slowly

When your child gets new glasses, have him/her wear them for short periods while doing fun activities. Gradually increase how long he/she keeps the glasses on as he/she gets used to the eyewear.

4. Make the glasses part of the daily routine

Setting a schedule for wearing the glasses is essential. Encourage your child to put the pair on when he/she gets dressed in the morning. He/she should also take them off just before he/she goes to bed at night.

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5. Use positive reinforcement

Hugs and praises can persuade your child to keep his/her glasses on. Understand why your child is reluctant to wear the glasses, patiently address the problems and praise him/her when he/she puts them on.

Most children will keep their glasses on if those glasses are cool and functional, and they fit well. If your child resists wearing the glasses, check if the frame and lenses are comfortable and useful. Some encouragement and positive reinforcement also go a long way in persuading a stubborn child to wear glasses.