Bowling is a great socialization game. Unlike other team-oriented games, bowling is all about etiquette — being friendly to other alley users and abiding by the rules. Even though some of the rules, such as wearing bowling shoes, might sound misplaced, it is your responsibility to adhere to the basics.

All bowling alleys in Illinois would appreciate it if you adhered to the following etiquette rules, as explained by

What to Avoid in the Alley

  • Never skip wearing the bowling shoes even if you don’t fancy them. Your regular street shoes will ruin the bowling equipment and the approaches.
  • Don’t be a sore loser or winner. People come to the alley to relax or have fun. No one wants you to spoil it with your outbursts or foul language
  • Don’t bring food or drinks to the bowling lanes. The risk of spillage is high. Any splashes or anything making the lanes wet could not only damage equipment but also be a safety hazard to you and your fellow bowlers

What to Do in the Alley

  • Always be available when it is your turn to bowl. Never make anyone wait for you. It is very frustrating to other players.
  • Stepping over the foul line is not only against game rules but also dangerous. You could spread tracking oil all over the approach after stepping over the foul line making that lane dangerous to other players
  • When someone else is bowling, always ensure that you stand off and don’t block the other player’s line of sight or approach. Stay out of the way and let the other player take the best shot possible
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Coupling these basics with general etiquette will make you a personable player at the bowling alley. This is not only crucial in making the whole bowling experience enjoyable but also puts you at ease increasing your chances of landing those strikes you so much love.