Lakehouse weekend trips are popular, especially in Michigan. This is because of the many lakes that dot the great state, making it a perfect alternative to the oceans that areas in Middle America do not have access to. In fact, a lake trip can even be more enjoyable than a beach trip.

These are four tips that can help you plan a weekend vacation in a lake house.

Purchase a pontoon boat

You are already in a lake, so you may as well have a boating activity during your few days away from the city. Boating is relaxing, which means you can let go of the stress that accumulated in your body in the past few weeks. Purchasing a boat is actually sensible as you can use it beyond your trip.

That means you can go on a boating trip anytime. Look for pontoon boats for sale near your place in Michigan, such as those from D&R Sports Center (Boats Center).

Pack accordingly

Since you are going to be in a lake house for a few days, you need to be smart about packing things you will be bringing with you. Of course, you need to pack food, clothes and other recreational materials. But you also have to think about first aid kits, toiletries, and other miscellaneous items.

Be active

This is your chance to be physically active. Since a lake and trees surround you, you can run or hike for a few hours every day.

Remember to clean up after

This bears repeating: always clean up the area before you go home. Many lake vacationers tend to forget to clean up, making it an awful experience for those living nearby.

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A weekend lake trip is a great bonding experience for friends. If planned correctly and properly, everyone will surely enjoy the vacation you will be having.