A few days of vacation are never enough to explore Singapore at its fullest. That’s why if you have plans of going back to the Lion City just to make sure you never miss out on anything, you might as well refer to these suggestions to make your trip worthwhile.

Visit Singapore’s White House

Appreciate the marvellous structure and landscape of Singapore’s own version of White House when you visit ‘The Istana’. Aside from being the official residence of the president, the palace offers the best views of the country’s skyline. Although the guards may seem like they’re gawking at you, visitors are welcome. Upon entry, you could enjoy the breathtaking view of the lush garden as well as the magnificent fountains and architectural structure of the building.

Watch the Great Light Show

Enjoy your night by watching Singapore’s Great Light Show. This is a great way to end your day after a long and tiring trip around the city-state. Throughout the show, your eyes will not only feast on the dancing lights, but also will be fascinated with the things it will display. Oftentimes, there’s a skit that showcases the Lion City’s journey to how it is today. A great way indeed to cap off the night.

Dine at Singapore’s Hawker Centres

There’s no better way to re-energise yourself after a tiring tour than to eat some delightful local dishes. Fortunately, Singapore is a place where you could find a bunch of food places and hawker centres that serve great and delightful treats. From authentic Malay and Singaporean cuisine to American-style food, you’ll literally find a wide variety of these dining places that are sure to fill your stomach.

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Create great memories during your trip to Singapore for the second time around with these travel suggestions. The nation might be small in size, but when it comes to activities and things to see, you have endless of options to enjoy and be entertained.