The popularity of spas stems from the need for a quiet form of relaxation. This includes baths, scrub treatments and massages. Massage offerings have evolved from traditional Swedish massages, to Turkish baths, and Asian massages.

Top Spa Supply explains the different kinds of massages and why you should avail of them.

Kinds of Massages

  • Swedish. This is the standard on offer from most spas. It is one of the foundations of massage therapy and is based on Western concepts. Enjoy a Swedish massage, if you want relief from specific muscles groups, or for general relief. One of the signature strokes of this type of massage are the long strokes, muscle kneading and percussion.
  • Thai. Characterized by moving the body parts, stretching, and pressing massage. It is known as one of the more energizing forms of massage. It is like passive yoga, where the therapist moves your body in extensions and presses. This is a dry massage where you would be wearing loose clothing.
  • Shiatsu. This is a famous form of Japanese massage, which emphasizes pressure points. A dry massage, the therapist uses fingers, hand or elbows on specific pressure points. The practice was borrowed from acupuncture, using the same pressure points from Chines medicine. It aims to stimulate these acupressure points to improve energy flow and promote balance.
  • Reflexology. Principally a foot massage, the therapist applies pressure on foot acupressure points. These are usually located on the sole of the feet, although some practitioners also use the reflex areas located on the hands. Reflexology aims to balance the body’s energy flow.
  • Aromatherapy. A stress-relieving, relaxing and healing method, aromatherapy is a slow massage method which relies heavily on essential oils. These are used both as a massage oil, as well as for their healing properties. The oils are heated, diffusing into the air, while at the same time used in massaging the body.
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woman enjoying massageThere are other famous massages. However, the above schools of massage therapy are more common due to their lack of any other equipment other than oils.