When you think of ceramic, do you only think of vases? While many of today’s vases sure are made from the said material, ceramic is also present in a lot more products than you realize. Normally, it’s made by mixing clay, powder, earthen elements, and water, which are then shaped and heated in an oven. Here are some ceramic products you may have encountered:


As tileshowcase.com and other experts explain, ceramic is highly sought-after as a tile material because it’s durable yet affordable. The walls and floors of most kitchens and showers are usually installed with ceramic tiles.


Ceramic is also used in creating cookware, such as pots, mugs, mortars, and pestles. Ceramic cookware makes chores easier for homemakers because these products are tough to break, but easy to wipe and clean.


Ceramics are also used in making plates of various forms. As ceramic can be molded, the plates could come in circular, heart, or rectangular shapes. Ceramic is also used in making utensils like knives.

Toilets, Sinks, and Baths

Ceramics are widely used in making toilets, sinks, and baths. In making these products, the material used should be non-porous so water won’t leak through it. This is why manufacturers choose ceramic since it can be glazed then fired to become non-porous.

Bone and Teeth Replacements

Due to its tough nature, surgeons and dentists have now been using ceramic as a material for artificial bone and teeth. For example, hip surgery patients can receive ceramic replacements, which can be designed to be porous to stimulate bone growth around it. For dental patients, ceramic can be bonded with a newly repaired tooth so it would get stronger.

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Ceramic isn’t just used in making vases. It’s also used in making other products like toilets, cookware, utensils, and even bone or tooth replacements. Without ceramics, the world wouldn’t be as modernized as it is today.