landscape around a small pond The hot and dry weather is not a reason to compromise the beauty of your hotel’s landscaping. You can be smart and focus your efforts on xeriscaping. Xeriscape landscaping, derived from the Greek word for “dry,” is a landscaping method that focuses on drought-tolerant flora. The method presents numerous benefits to your hospitality business.

Higher Value for Lower Cost

Xeriscape is not too different from regular landscaping, cost-wise. The only major difference is that plants used for xeriscaping are specially picked for its low water requirements. Lots of commercial lawn care services give recommendations on which types of grass are drought-resistant and can grow on all kinds of soils and conditions. You can customize your plant selection according to your preferences.

Low water requirements mean conserving water previously used on plants. The reduced amount of water used to ensure the landscape flourishes would soon translate to lower water utility bills. Drought-tolerant flora is also resilient compared to regular plants. Most do not require much fertilizer, if at all, while other plants can survive on poor soil. The resiliency of plants used in xeriscaping also means fewer expenses for replacing wilted plants.

a hut in the middle of a gardenDrought-resistant plants maintain a beautiful commercial landscape nearly all-year round, helping raise your brand image and identity. This, in turn, contributes to higher revenue in the future.

Creating a Sweet Escape

Hospitality businesses operate with the aim of providing guests with a memorable stay and a respite from their everyday lives. Investing in landscaping and exterior environments is a good way to showcase your hotel’s unique selling point. It also provides guests with a tranquil place to leave their worries behind. Studies have shown that nature helps reduce stress and fatigue, as well as improve mood and mental health.

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If you’re worried that the selection of drought-resistant plants will be limited, don’t fear. Your xeriscaping options go beyond the simple cacti and other desert plants. A wide variety of plants, including vibrant blanket flowers and bougainvillea, can survive on a limited amount of water. You’ll have your pick of plants.

Landscape improvements, especially xeriscaping, offer many advantages to your hospitality business — and it requires less money to accomplish compared to interior renovations. Xeriscaping helps those in the hotel industry reduce costs, be more environmentally-friendly and still provide a better overall experience for guests.