It might seem preemptive to start shopping for ski gear with the ski season a few months away. However, ski gear tends to be pricey, so it pays to buy off-season to get great deals from stores like Pedigree Ski Shop. It also makes sense to scout out possible areas to take a ski vacation ahead of time. Below are the top three ski resorts in the U.S. for 2018.

1. Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a valley found about six miles south of Yellowstone National Park. It had a record-breaking snow depth high of 158 inches and 593 inches of powder in the last season. The lure of Jackson Hole for skiing enthusiasts is its extreme steeps and terrain. At 4,139 feet, it has the longest unbroken vertical in the U.S. Most people would find that a long enough tumble to satisfy the most avid skier. The resort is more appropriate for expert skiers, although recent improvements have made easier terrains accessible for less experienced skiers.

2. Alta

The Alta Ski Area in Utah is a favorite ski spot for many skiers. It is most like the Alps among other U.S. ski spots, but with considerably more snow. In fact, the high quality and consistency of the “dry” snow are unrivaled anywhere in the country. The area averages 521 inches a year, and it snows for more than half the year.  If you care more about the powder than the terrain, then Alta is the ski place to be.

3. Snowbird

Snowbird is also in Utah, which typically has good snow. Snowbird is the little sister of Alta in the Little Cottonwood Canyon. While the snow quality and quantity in Snowbird is slightly less than that of Alta, it has other advantages. It has longer, steeper continuous verticals almost rivaling that of Jackson Hole at 3,240 feet.

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A ski vacation costs money. It is a good idea to check where you can best wear your ski gear and get the most out of it. These top three ski areas will not disappoint.