Smoke and nicotine are indeed harmful for people’s oral and overall health. Smoking has been associated with various types of oral cancer and nicotine can sabotage the success of dental implants and other dental treatments.

Regardless of how it enters the body, nicotine is a harmful substance that restricts the flow of blood and oxygen to places where it is most needed, like oral tissues and bones. As a result, the healing process is slowed down considerably and immune defenses decrease. Patients who are smoking and wish to have dental implants in Southampton should seek the help of an experienced dentist, such as Expert Implants.

How does smoking affect dental implants?

Cigarette smoke is very hot when inhaled and as a result it can affect the soft tissues in the mouth. These tissues hold the dental implants in place and need to be in perfect condition. Moreover, smoking tends to dry out the mouth and this can lead to tooth decay and gum disease or peri-implantitis, a type of gum disease that affects the tissues that support the dental implants. Moreover, tobacco and nicotine constrict the flow of oxygen to the oral tissues, causing inflammation and hindering the healing process, which is necessary for the integration of dental implants.

E-cigarettes and dental implants

Electronic cigarettes are equally harmful for dental implants in Southampton. Again, the hot air inhaled will gradually destroy the soft tissues supporting the dental implants, leading to dryness, irritation and inflammation. Even worse, electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine are harmful for dental implants for all the reasons we have already explained.

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Is smoking allowed after implant surgery?

Ideally, patients who undergo implant surgery should commit to a non-smoking lifestyle in order not to hinder the proper healing process and effectiveness of their dental implants. Refraining from smoking for as long possible before and after surgery is recommended. Patients who are looking for ways to quit smoking entirely should ask for the help of the dentist as they can offer advice on smoking cessation. Quitting is a hard thing to do, but the benefits for the oral and general health are worth it.