The Same World…But Different

If you were born a lefty, you probably had difficulties in things people took for granted. Growing up, hand-writing was always a chore at school since the ink would smudge, and you always ended up elbowing the person next to you at dinnertime. These days, most keyboards are for the right-handed majority with the number pad placed within their reach. The world and its systems are made for right-handed people, with left-handed people expected to make adjustments.

Left Out at Work

Employers don’t ask for your dominant hand in interviews, so your office was probably designed for right-handed people. You can bring your own keyboard and mouse if you want to increase efficiency, but when it comes to big things like cars — tough luck. Some companies have woken up to the demands of the left-handed. If you’re a left-handed hairdresser or barber and use normal scissors, you learn to adapt. But products like left-handed hair cutting scissors are now more available to allow flare and skill be more easily applied.

Left Standing

Unlike most “minorities”, left-handed people don’t demand big changes too, so they can feel comfortable. You can hate using a can-opener all you want, or you can just buy one specifically for you for a higher price. It does seem like getting short-changed. Studies show that left-handed people die earlier than the average person — partly because they are more prone to accidents in a right-handed world. But happiness is happiness, and if a few extra dollars can make a few things better — then why not?

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If you’re left-handed then you’ve lived your whole life in the right-handed world. If anything, being left-handed has made you a tougher person, but there are a few things out there that can make the world a bit easier.