Doors are not just entrances; they are a reflection of the house’s character and the owner’s personality. Like other architectural structures, there are also trends or evolving tastes in popular design. In Utah, door manufacturers such as Peach Building Products keep track of the patterns for doors. Door trends may not seem as significant as housing design trends, but they do show the possible direction in future designs.

Front Door Designs

Form follows function for most doors. There is not much leeway for whimsy when there’s a doorway to fit in. However, there are other design considerations. There are contemporary designs, like the Lisbon design, characterized by a landscape window in the upper part of the door. This type of door lends itself to light pastel colors, and the letterbox can be placed lower along the door. Another type of door with distinct style elements is the Ullswater cottage door. It has a unique diamond-shaped glass window in the upper part. With a traditional timber construction, it also has a tongue-and-groove effect. Although these are typically continental styles, they have found a place among the older houses in the country.

Popular Styles

Other conventional designs have raised panels and feature glass inserts, scrollwork, and colored panes. Craftsman doors are famous for cottages and resort-style retreats. These have one window at the top with stained glass, in two or three rectangular raised panels. Alternatively, these could have large glass inserts for a better view outside. Modern design doors have sleek lines that distinguish them from artisan doors. Blocked or square translucent glass panels are located near the top. Minimalist but usually large, these doors have clean lines.

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Doors have a personality, but there are trends in their designs as well. A door may have a generic look straight from the factory, but when coupled to the front doorway, it gives a distinct character to the house.