An excellent lineup of speakers at your business conference is good, but it doesn’t guarantee a boost in your attendance. It’s essential to be intentional and have a separate plan to get people excited. Here are some tips to get you started on that plan:

Create Networking Opportunities

What many organizers fail to see is that networking opportunities are not just maximized, they are created. You don’t just relate to people on the day of the conference. Even before the event, you can already interact with people.

What smart organizers do is create an opportunity to build a network rather than wait for it. They gather event partners, sponsors, and business affiliates to a pre-conference event. Think of it as a mini party to show appreciation to them. Because you’ve demonstrated goodwill, these influential people instantly become ambassadors or promoters of the event. Try this strategy yourself. Scout for good party venues such as Le Cue Lounge.

Connect with Your Audience

There’s a reason why most conference organizers in Ontario give out evaluation sheets after every event: it’s to know what the audience wants. That’s the principle you want to apply here.

Build your database of contacts, say from your past business conferences. From there, send out the survey via e-mail or social media, asking them what they want to get from the event. This way, you can quickly filter out what’s necessary and what’s not in the conference. Moreover, this gives the impression that your audience has a voice in this event, making them engaged even at the first stages of planning the event.

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Consider the Location

In many cases, people don’t attend a conference because the venue isn’t accessible from where they are—no matter how exciting the program is or how good the speakers are. Thus, it’s important to consider your venue seriously. The best places are those that have gained a reputation for hosting events and are accessible to public transportation.

Finally, your diligence in using different channels to publicize your conference makes a significant impact on your attendance. Remember these things and make your meeting a success.