The first weeks of a new business are critical. As the new owner, you have new ideas that you want to bring to the market. However, since you are coming into a business that’s been in existence for a while, you need to move with caution. Here’s what you need to do.

Familiarize Yourself with the Premises

Yes, you did your research before buying the business. However, you still have much to learn, and your first weeks are the time for that. Take the time to know the building, taking note of anything that needs to be improved. Do you, for instance, need new tools such as the latest hairdressing scissors from Scissor Tech US? Are you satisfied with the security system in place?

Meet the Current Team

The current staff faces acquisition with lots of uncertainty. With a new owner coming in, there’s much fear among the team. Not everyone loves change, especially with the realization that change of leadership may lead to some employees being let go. Deal with the situation as early as possible. Meet the entire team and talk to them openly, especially about your plans for the near future.

Understand the Company Culture

While it’s inevitable that certain things will change, it’s vital that you take the time to study the existing culture. If you are buying a thriving barbershop, then you need to know the factors that made it that way. Use these factors as the foundation of the evolution you have in mind. Plan any change that you are going to implement very carefully, and keep your team aware.

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What you do after acquiring a barbershop determines whether the business will experience greater success or start faltering. By understanding the market you are taking over, communicating with your team, and implementing changes carefully, you can quickly take the business to the next level.