Choosing the right braces can be quite overwhelming and almost impossible without the help of an experienced dentist. Having a comprehensive dental consultation and getting the facts straight about different types of braces can make choosing the right braces a far less daunting experience.

Modern braces come in different types and patients have more choice than ever. However, not all teeth straightening methods are suitable for everyone. For instance, invisible braces in Barnsley, offered by dentists such as PDC Dental, are very discreet and convenient but they can only fix minor to moderate misalignment issues.

Below are some criteria that patients should take into account if they are considering braces in Barnsley.

Severity of the Occlusion

The most important thing to consider when patients are looking for braces in Barnsley is the state of their teeth and their specific type of occlusion. While invisible braces can address overbites, crossbites and underbites, more complicated cases need traditional fixed braces to get teeth into their desired position.


Another aspect that is really important when choosing braces is lifestyle. In general, adults are not thrilled with the prospect of metal braces, especially if it has an impact on their social and professional interactions. For more discreet teeth straightening they would be better off with invisible braces in Barnsley, such as Invisalign, provided that they have the discipline to wear their clear removable aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day.


Cost is an important factor when choosing braces. Nowadays, the cost of different teeth straightening systems is competitive. Cost is defined by the type of dental problem and the amount of time required for treatment. As such, discreet braces are not necessarily more expensive than traditional metal braces. In any case, patients should keep an eye out for good deals without overlooking a dentist’s credentials and experience when it comes to teeth straightening treatment.

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The Importance of a Dental Consultation

Before committing to a specific treatment, patients should understand the types of braces available and their suitability for each of them. Once they have a good idea of what will work best for them, they can move forward with their treatment with the help of their dentist.