A beach wedding setupMaine is a popular venue for any type of wedding. Waterfront wedding venues in Maine are even more popular with nature lovers. However, you should know a few things about Maine and waterfront weddings in general to make the most of the location. Here are a few tips:

1. Plan for rain.

Maine has mild summers and cold winters. The temperature can turn chilly even during the summer when the sun goes down. That is not such a big deal. You may luck out, and the balmy weather holds.

However, you cannot count on it.  It always rains in Maine. Make sure you choose a venue with an indoor area in case it does.

2. Avoid the crowds.

Maine is a popular tourist destination. If you do not have to battle the crowds, avoid the months between June and September. This is when popular events such as the Bangor Beer Festival draw in many people.

Accommodations, caterers, and bands will be in short supply. It can make planning a wedding a logistical nightmare. If you want a June wedding, choose a venue that can meet all your needs in-house.

3. Breeze-proof your wedding.

A waterfront wedding means wind. It can be exhilarating, but it does take a toll on anything loose. Choose windproof hairstyles and dresses. Avoid anything billowy that can show more than you want.

Coordinate with your caterer and venue about windproofing the place settings and decorations. Make sure you advise your guest about the wind factor.

4. Let the location inspire you.

Your venue says a lot about the type of wedding you want. A waterfront wedding is not traditional, so you can let your imagination run free. You can go for a nautical or nature theme equally well. You can use the notable features of your venue inspire your theme.

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If the venue has beautifully landscaped grounds and stunning views, choose a layout that will make these a prominent part of your wedding. Your photos will be epic.

These top tips can help you make the most of the gorgeous wedding venues in Maine. Follow them, and people will remember your wedding for all the right reasons.