Do you think your home is too crowded? Have you collected many things over the years and now you want them out of the house? Decluttering is the key to a happier and simpler life, without the bulky furniture and things that make life in the house complicated.

Though there are many ways to declutter, some may take longer than expected. For instance, it’s hard to dispose of large equipment or furniture. You may need a large item pickup in Denver to help you out. But, here are simple ways to declutter properly:

Segregate Items to Keep, Donate, and Throw Away

Remove anything that doesn’t belong in every room, and then segregate them into those you need, you’ll keep, and those to be donated or thrown away. This way, you can keep track of your things in the house, and see if there are some that you no longer need. You may start with your closet, and get rid of clothes you haven’t used for a year or so. You can either donate them or send them to trash.

Replace Old Appliances and Furniture

If you’re still using your 10-year-old washing machine or air-conditioning unit, you may want to throw them away and buy new ones. Aside from decluttering those heavy and big equipment, new ones are smaller, more functional, and more energy-efficient. You’ll notice your energy bills will decrease.

New Ones Means Old Ones Out

Another effective way to declutter is removing old items after you buy new ones. For instance, you bought three new shirts, you need to throw away or donate three old ones. As a result, you don’t hoard hundreds of clothing pieces and just use a dozen of them.

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Decluttering may seem like a daunting task, but with the right motivation and a long day, you can do it. Involve the entire family to make things easier.