Costa Maya is one of the top stops for many cruises on the Yucatan Peninsula. This quaint destination provides tourists with a mix of natural, cultural, and historical attractions. When you disembark and stay for a while, you have a number of things to do and experience. lists some of them:

Explore the Port

The port is big enough for three ships to dock and let their passengers disembark. Most would go on excursions immediately. However, you can explore the area before or after you go on a day trip. Developments have taken place over the years and there are shops, locals that sell all sorts of goods, pools, dining places, and a beach club that accommodate tourists. You can try the many water sports available during your stop. In fact, there won’t be a dull time even if you stay at the port.

Visit a Mayan Ruins

One of the many things to do in Costa Maya while on a cruise is to explore the ancient Chacchoben Mayan Ruins. The latter also goes by the name ‘The Place of Red Corn,’ as it provides you with a glimpse of the former civilization during your stop. Climb up to the viewing platform to get an overlooking view of the surroundings. Ask your cruise ship if they offer day trips. If they don’t, you can inquire at one of the travel agencies after disembarking.

Enjoy the Underwater Ecosystem

Costa Maya is a part of a huge barrier reef, specifically the Meso-American one, which also includes the Honduras and Belize. The port’s relative nearness to this underwater ecosystem makes it a possible snorkeling or diving destination. If you decide to do either or both activities, prepare to see all sorts of crabs, stingrays, and even sharks and turtles.

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These are only some of the things you can do while on a cruise to Costa Maya. There are other fun experiences to discover and places to explore during your trip.