Even if you’ve planned your wedding down to the tiniest details, there’s one thing you can’t possibly control especially if you’re intent on having your wedding outdoors—the weather. With this in mind, having a backup plan and thinking your options through must be a crucial part of booking your outdoor venue. To avoid fickle Mother Nature from raining on your parade, below are some top tips when planning your backup plan.

Plan for Different Types of Weather

Although couples usually dread rain on their wedding day, it shouldn’t be the only weather condition that you must look out for during your big day. When looking at outdoor venues, ask these questions: Would they supply cooling units or fans in the event of a heat wave? Would they clear slippery snow if there’s significant snowfall? What would happen in the event of a power outage? Questions like these are vital, so get the answers to them before signing a contract and when visiting potential outdoor wedding venues, suggests an in-demand wedding coordinator in Kansas City.

Rent a Tent

This is the best and simplest way to save your outdoor wedding if your chosen venue does not have a sufficient contingency plan. Note that some venues don’t provide tents, heaters, umbrellas, cooling units, etc. themselves, but would permit you to use these items. Just make sure to confirm with the venue first.

Tell Your Guests

Include a note on your wedding invitation or website, or send messages thru email or social media that you’re planning to have your wedding outdoors. Inform them about the possibility of fickle weather so that they could dress accordingly.

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Or You Could Just Embrace The Rain or The Heat!

As the adage goes: “if you can’t beat them, join them!” Just think about how romantic and cinematic falling snow or rain could look in photos and videos. Bring in some extra-special design elements that are also practical such as beautiful fans to cool off guests and artsy umbrellas to ward of rain or the blazing sun. And remember, rain on a wedding is considered lucky so choose to believe that instead of stressing yourself.

Having an outdoor wedding could be quite the challenge. Rain or shine, however, with careful and proper preparations, you could still have the perfect wedding despite the weather.