People who have planned their holiday in advance or those who need to leave last-minute both have to decide what to do with their furry friends when they are away. While pet kennels have increased in popularity in recent years due to the all-inclusive service they provide, home dog boarding can provide an equally good alternative.

Different breeds of dogs have different needs and pet owners can register their pet’s characteristics on a London dog boarding platform such as My Pet Your Pet. By taking into consideration the gender, age, size and personality of each dog, a pet compatibility system allows dog owners to find the best companion for their dog.

Small Dogs and Puppies

Small dogs and puppies have different needs than larger dogs and unless carefully monitored small and large dogs don’t always live well together. A London dog boarding host should be able to provide these dogs with 24/7 supervision and be on a constant lookout for safety concerns. A puppy-proof environment is really important for young dogs who are more likely to explore the space compared to older dogs.

Large Dogs

Large dogs require open spaces in order to have enough room to wander. Moreover, larger dogs require a lot of exercise, therefore an active and athletic dog sitter is required. Finding a host with the same dog breed is ideal since they will have a lot more experience and will be comfortable to handle them if needed.

Anxious Dogs

A lot of dogs become anxious and nervous when they are separated from their owners. This feeling can go away after a few hours or days, therefore it is really important to choose a host that is caring and gentle. A person with a calm and tranquil personality is more likely to earn an anxious dog’s trust and be able to involve them in various activities.

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Older Dogs

Last but not least, senior dogs require a lot of patience and specialised care, therefore a patient and diligent dog sitter is ideal. Older dogs in particular should live in a well-protected environment. Potential dog sitters should also be aware of signs of exhaustion or disease and be able to administer oral or injected medications.