Are you a hairstylist in New Zealand and looking for the perfect shears to use on your clients? The summer heat can be irritating, and clients need a little of airflow in their hair. Therefore, you should use a special type of shears known as the thinning shears.

The difference between hair thinning shears and the ordinary shears is that the former has a blade with several ‘teeth.’ The ‘teeth’ cut certain sections of hair and leave others, therefore, reducing the volume of hair. There is no limit to the length of hair that these shears can work on.

Scissor Tech NZ outlines the types of thinning shears that you can get for your hairdressing job:

Chunking Hair Scissors

These scissors have widely spaced teeth that can handle a large amount of hair and are ideal for clients with super curly and thick hair. Besides reducing the hair volume, these shears are perfect if you want to create notches on the client’s head.

Finishing Hair Scissors

These shears are ideal for creating a clean finish on a haircut. The teeth are widely spaced to minimise the amount of hair it can cut because they are useful in the last stages of hair cutting. These scissors are also ideal if you want to blend the hair for even transitions between the hair of different lengths.

Texturizing Hair Scissors

These scissors can handle different hair cutting jobs and are a must-have for every hairdresser due to their versatility. These scissors have a large number of teeth, making them ideal for thinning, blending and texturizing hair.

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When dealing with clients’ hair, the slightest mistake can be costly and frustrating for the client. Getting the right type of thinning scissors for the job will grant you a clean hair-cutting job, as well as keep your clients satisfied every time they get a haircut.