Red pontoon boat deckThere are currently various material options for pontoon boat decks. Wood is one of the conventional options and is still popular. This is because it has the highest rigidity and panel strength compared to other materials. It also has a similar insulating quality as composite and is not so stressful to maintain.

The wood used for constructing the frames of pontoon boats in Michigan is put together using different techniques. Regardless of the construction technique used, you can rest assured that the structures will support your boat’s components. Here are some of the construction techniques used for wooden boat frames:

Carvel Construction

In this technique, wooden planks are attached to a boat’s frame without overlapping. Carvel construction results in a deck that is easy to repair since you only need to remove the frame’s fasteners.  The typical wood types used in carvel construction are mahogany and long leaf yellow pine. After assembly, the panels are typically caulked in cotton or oakum and a waterproofing substance.

Lapstrake Construction

This closely resembles carvel construction, but unlike the latter, its planks are overlapped before fastening. Lapstrake construction is usually used for the creation of small pontoon boats. The laps used in the construction add considerable strength to your vessel, but the gaps might collect debris and dirt.

Strip Planking

In this construction technique, wooden planks are fastened using an epoxy. The strips used in strip planking are narrower compared to those in carvel construction. After binding, mold veneers are laminated over the pieces to enhance their durability.

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Though essential for the durability and operation of your boat, the given construction techniques will not amount to much without skills in construction. The only way to guarantee that your boat is made of high-quality wood is to get it from a reputable store. Routine maintenance is essential to keep it in good shape.