Let it sink in first: You’re getting married. You have the ring on your finger, you have a boyfriend you can now call fiancé, and you have a wedding to plan in the next few months. Overwhelmed at the last item? Don’t be. Here’s a list of quick to-do’s to get you started on wedding planning:

Share the News

Of course. But this is not just to share your joy with loved ones. In terms of wedding planning, this will give relatives and friends a heads up that there’s an important event they should anticipate in the next days or months. At the same time, you’re opening opportunities for loved ones to help you in the process of organizing. Who knows, your uncle might just have a barn in Colorado perfect for your dream rustic-themed wedding.

You may wait for a little while after the engagement or you can announce right away. However you want it to be, make sure to share the news personally to close friends and families. You don’t want them finding out about it just on your Instagram.

Settle on a Date

Or at least have a time-period date. Let’s say around early next year or the next fall. When people hear the news about your engagement, they will only have two things to ask, “Can I see the ring?” and “When is the wedding?” so having an estimated date will give guests a mental note about the event. It will also give you some sort of direction and a deadline to which you should be accomplishing stuff.

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Moreover, this allows you to communicate with vendors easily. Venue owners will be able to pencil you in right away. Your Colorado wedding florist will be able to give you a list of the flowers in season around your wedding date or tell you where to get flowers that are out of season.

Set a Budget

You don’t have to go yet into specifics. But you have to sit down and discuss with your fiancé your financial commitments and whether your families will contribute. It’s also good if you can identify which aspects of the wedding you’ll prioritize. For instance, should you splurge on entertainment, or is it worth putting more money on wedding flowers? Put estimate ranges on each wedding aspect. This will make it easier for you to filter vendors or negotiate with them.

Finally, relish this time when you’re not yet deep into the specifics of wedding planning. Spend a quiet, nice dinner with your now-fiancé to celebrate this milestone in your relationship.