Whether your wedding venue is in a barn in Minnesota or a beach in Florida, an outdoor wedding should be carefully planned. The basics include checking the weather and having a backup plan. Though there are other things you cannot afford to miss.

Spice Up the Place

Sure, the garden may look picturesque as it is. But, it does not hurt to add some decorations to personalize the place. Depending on the location and the theme of your wedding, you can hang the couple’s portraits or chalkboard signs. A decorated outdoor bar will also look good in Instagram photos.

Don’t hold back from adding glowing lights or hanging lamps to the natural lighting. In fact, these might just help your photographer and videographer. Additionally, make the place bug proof with citronella candles or fans.

Mic Check

The blowing wind and open space may hinder your guests from hearing your romantic wedding vows. Couples can rent clip microphones for them, which can be easily arranged by the wedding DJ or the wedding band.

You should also have the extensions and cords checked. Make sure the long, black cables are strategically set so they don’t compromise the overall appearance and vibe of the venue.

Style Accordingly

During an outdoor wedding, the blowing wind can be a bit of a problem. But, with proper styling, you don’t have to worry about it. Choose a wedding gown that you can comfortably walk in on a non-concrete floor and that the wind cannot easily blow. Also, wear makeup that can withstand the heat of the sun. The groom, on the other hand, should use a hair styling product so the wind does not mess up his hair.

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Let your guests also know about these conditions so they can dress accordingly, as well.

Plus, if you are having an outdoor wedding, it is important to time it well. You can consider having a sunset, outdoor wedding. The warm glow of the sun will help make the day look even more beautiful in photos and will add to the overall romance of the day.