Whether you are moving to a new home or renovating your current one to accommodate your growing family, be sure to take into account your little child’s safety when making design decisions. To give you some ideas, here are several things that you might want to remember:


If you have a little one who’s just learning how to walk, cushion the furniture edges with corner guards. Also, since young children can be messy, it’s also best to pick furniture pieces that are easy to clean. Leather couches, for example, are excellent choices since they require minimal effort to clean and at the same time, they are both durable and comfortable.

Floor cushion

Think about lining the living space with a large area rug. It can serve as cushions if your child accidentally trips or falls from the sofa. You may also want to choose area rugs with colourful and attractive patterns to add fun and personality to your living room.

Outlet covers

One important baby safety feature to have around the house is the outlet cover. In addition to discouraging toddlers and children from playing with the sockets, it protects curious crawling babies from accidental shocks. Just be sure to use tamper-resistant covers to keep your kid from taking them off.

Baby gates

Babies are always raring to go, especially once they learned how to walk, or even crawl. To keep your little one from getting into risky places, such as staircases and kitchen, install a sturdy baby gate. The height of your baby gate should be least three-quarters of your child’s height to prevent him or her from pulling himself over the gate.

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Baby safety should be your growing family’s number one priority. No matter how you want to design your home, be sure that each room is safe for the little one.