“Paraben-free” is commonly seen in skincare and cosmetic labels. This is because over the years, people have heard or known about Paraben and that it’s bad for the human body. But what is it really? Why do people boycott it?

Get to know more about paraben and how opting for paraben-free products is an investment worth doing for your skin and your health. Kedma Skin Care and other experts explain the following:

What is Paraben?

Paraben is a preservative widely used in cosmetic products. They prevent the growth of bacteria on skincare products and has been around since the 1950s. The substance is the one responsible for keeping your creams and serums in top condition even after a couple of years. So what makes it bad?

Why is it bad for the body?

While the presence of paraben can do wonders for your creams and serums, it is a substance that is absorbed by the body. The presence of paraben in almost every kind of product means the human body is consuming paraben in huge amounts, which can cause unhealthy side effects with prolonged usage and exposure.

While there is no direct scientific link that paraben is responsible for cancer formation, the presence of paraben found in the majority of cancer tissues proves that the substance is retained in the body and can penetrate through the skin. In addition, it is believed to disrupt hormones by increasing estrogen production, which can trigger the growth of tumors and abnormalities in the reproductive system.

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Alternative skincare options

The unfortunate thing about paraben is that it’s present in most products. The good news is there are alternatives you can use to steer yourself free from paraben and reduce your risks of acquiring such conditions. Over the years, the rise of natural skincare products like Kedma has continuously been on the rise because of this reason.

Switch to natural and organic and see how your skin and body will thank you for it.