Finding a partner, especially in fast moving city dating scenes, can be a tall order for anyone. When teeth decay or are knocked out leaving gaps in that perfect smile, dentures can resolve the issue. However, although modern dentures are now a great option, what if a permanent, perfect fix was available in the shape of dental implants in Sydney CBD?

Dental Implants: Your Ideal Partner

Dental implants in Sydney CBD could be the ideal partner, replacing damaged teeth with a real alternative that feels and acts like a natural tooth. Dental practices such as Spa Dental Sydney CBD, can provide this incredible treatment that can revolutionise the way people experience tooth replacement.

The treatment is relatively simple, although it can take investment both in time and finances. The implant itself is a titanium screw that is embedded into the jawbone. This is done surgically, and it takes up to 6 months for the bone to fully heal. However, the reason dental implants in Sydney CBD are so stable is due to the way the body reacts to them. As the jaw heals, the bone, soft tissue and even nerves grow around the implant. This creates a solid base for a crown or denture to be fixed onto the implant. Since crowns are fully colour-matched to the surrounding teeth, they are undetectable, creating a perfect smile. If a good oral health care routine is followed twice-daily, including flossing, and there are regular check-ups, there is no reason why a dental implant shouldn’t last a lifetime.

There are other unseen, ongoing advantages to replacing lost teeth with implants instead of dentures. When a tooth is lost, teeth adjacent to the gap also destabilise which means it’s likely additional teeth will be lost. The jawbone will also degrade over time and further destabilise teeth in the jawline. Unfortunately, dentures, since they sit above the jaw and are not surgically fixed in place, create support for adjacent teeth, but cannot help with jawbone cell renewal. However dental implants do and can ensure the jawbone remains healthy.

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Although dental implants might be an expensive ‘date’, they are however a keeper and could be the perfect match and even become a lifetime replacement for lost teeth.