Philippine weddings are often lavish affairs that involve more than just the couple and their witnesses. Apart from the sumptuous buffets and the long list of activities and rituals, one familiar aspect of a Philippine wedding is the presence of extended families(and families of extended families). It’s safe to assume that this might be a reason many Filipinos get married during the month of Christmas. It’s the time when many relatives and friends go home for the holidays, after all; they are available to attend the wedding.

Here are three reasons many couples in the Philippines schedule a December wedding.

Venues and suppliers are ready for big events

Since December is the season for Christmas and holiday parties, most wedding suppliers and venues are prepared for lavish events. Restaurants, hotels, and churches would have elegant decorations that are normally not there the rest of the year. Logistically, they would have contingency preparations, since they expect an unusual volume of people visiting or dining at this time.

The couple and guests can escape the heat

Although the Philippines doesn’t get the winter wonderland that other countries have in December, the climate is still relatively colder than summer. Your guests don’t have to sweat through their beautiful gowns and expensive barongs or tuxedos. Besides, countless studies have shown that feeling hot makes people cranky and you don’t want that at your wedding.

It’s an ideal time for a family reunion

December is practically one long holiday. Families often get together during Christmas anyway, so why not make your tying-the-knot the primary reason for your entire family to have a good time? December weddings are even more special when celebrated with families because the general spirit of love and support boosts your love for each other.

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Filipinos love the idea of ‘forever’ so the hundreds of thousands of Filipino weddings that take place every year is a surprise to no one. A wedding is also a chance to reunite with family members and rekindle past friendships. So, what better day to tie the knot than during the Christmas month?