So you want to impress your friends or even your date by booking a haunted house tour and letting them know that you are the bravest of them all. However, you still feel a bit terrified, and you are actually scared that you might look like a total wimp during the big day.

You do not have to worry, though, because in this article, we will discuss some of the best tips to look like you are all brave and tough when entering Halloween attractions in Minnesota.

Just Let It Go

This tip might sound counterintuitive, but it totally works. Do not act all masculine or strong and not scared at all as this may backfire on you later on. Let it all go and let yourself jump and scream if you feel scared. This is actually better than bottling all of your feelings inside and fainting later on because you just cannot take it anymore.

Do Not Try to Predict What’s About to Happen

Not only will you look like a total wimp when you do this, but you will also spoil all the fun for other people. Avoid predicting what’s about to happen and just let everything go. Enjoy the moment so that your buddies can also enjoy the whole trip.

Also, if you do this, the actors will most likely target you and scare you even more. You will get their attention even if you do not want to, so just keep mum and just live in the moment.

Dress Comfortably

You do not want to look all sweaty and trip all over the place just to look cute before the whole trip. Avoid wearing a jacket or long sleeves if you know that it is going to be hot inside the haunted house. If you do, you will sweat like a horse, making you feel uncomfortable and light-headed. Girls should also avoid wearing heels as this can only cause unwanted accidents and even a trip to the hospital.

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Tell your buddies or your date that you will scream and jump for your life during the trip. Laugh at it after and do not take it seriously. This is what haunted houses are for—lots of fun!