Swimsuits are not just reserved for summer anymore, with a lot of indoor pools out there that will let you enjoy a swim regardless of outdoor temperatures. The type of swimwear you select will either help you enjoy your swimming or give you the most uncomfortable time.

When looking through one-piece swimsuits sold online, find one that matches your body shape. Picking a swimsuit that accentuates your curves will make you look and feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable. Here is an expert guide to finding the perfect swimsuit for your body shape:


Apple-shaped women have broader shoulders compared to their hips. Your biggest concern is finding swimsuits that provide adequate bust support. Go for swimsuits with straps as well as those with underwire and padding, as these will give you bust support while still looking good. Wrap details around the swimsuit’s tummy create a cinched waist while high-cut bottoms elongate your beautiful legs.


Pear-shaped ladies carry most of their weight in the rear, hips, and thighs. For pear-shaped women aiming for the perfect swimsuit look, the key is to create balance in the lower and upper body halves. Solid colored bottoms paired with patterned tops can help you achieve this balance. Flowers, polka dots, abstract patterns, and horizontal stripes are the best print options for your swimsuit top.


The hips, waist, and torso of athletic ladies have almost similar measurements. Creating an illusion of curves with your swimsuit should be your goal as an athletic-shaped lady. Ruffles, asymmetrical shapes, and patterns will help you appear curvier in your swimsuit.

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With a swimsuit that makes you look like a star, you are bound to turn heads and stand out at the beach or swimming pool. The above guide will go a long way in helping you get the best one-piece swimsuit. Now you can confidently enjoy your time in the water.