Halloween pumpkin lanternsHalloween is coming. For a few days each year, Minnesota transforms into a frightful place filled with people who are dressed as restless ghosts, hungry zombies, and a host of other creatures. You’ll never run out of things to do in this fright fest, and the nights are long and dark.

Take a Tour Inside a Haunted House

If you like eerie settings and jump scares, then haunted house walks will get your adrenaline pumping and your senses tingling. Haunted houses in Minnesota are filled with spine-tingling imagery that is meant to provoke fear, revulsion, and panic.

The sounds of ghosts and other supernatural beings fill the air, creating a growing sense of danger and doom. When you least expect it, a horrid creature will suddenly appear and take your fears to new heights.

Go on a Frightful Hayride

The vast space a hayride uses gives it an edge when it comes to instilling fear. You’re out in the open and everything feels a little more real. The darkness is pervasive and lets you see what it wants you to see. The ambient sounds of the fields add an extra sense of eeriness — suddenly broken by a piercing scream. You hold on to your loved one beside you — both of you experience the same fear. You’re a few minutes away from the civilization and it makes you wonder if these things were real and hope they’re not.

Brave the Streets Overrun by Zombies

Zombies are still a thing — that alone is frightening. But you can’t deny the frightful presence of the undead walking in their unnatural gaits. Zombie events are all over the city. Zombie street parties, zombie runs, zombie soccer for the kids; even restaurants are offering brain-like food.

Get your dose of scares this Halloween. Go on a frightful adventure, but take it easy on the alcohol. Nothing’s quite as scary as a night you don’t remember.

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